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      Allergies Driving You Crazy There Is Relief

      Allergies Driving You Crazy? There Is Relief

      Allergies are not pleasant. If you’re among the 50 million Americans who deal with allergies, you’ll likely agree. Allergies can have a wide range of triggers, such as pollen, bee stings, and even the pine needles on a Christmas tree or Thanksgiving wreath.

      People’s bodies react in different ways, but some 200,000 people go to an emergency room each year because of a severe allergic reaction. You may not be one of those, but still, the constant sniffling, blowing your nose, or itching because of your allergy is hardly pleasant. When you need relief, know that you have options.

      Visit us at Pure Medicine and let our doctor get you the relief you deserve.

      Surrounded by allergies

      Do you feel like allergies are everywhere? Maybe it’s because people are exposed to an ever-increasing range of allergy triggers, also called allergens. Or perhaps people are recognizing that they’re dealing with allergies when previously they had no idea of the source of their discomfort.

      Allergies are bad reactions to food, insects, drugs, elements in your surroundings, and even our pets. Reactions take the form of a runny nose, watery eyes, skin rashes, swelling of the joints, and difficulty breathing. If this sounds familiar, you may have an undiagnosed allergy, and our doctors are here to help.

      Allergy control

      The first step in treating an allergy, of course, is identifying it. Our doctors will examine your history to discover where the problem lies. For example, patients may say how they always get a runny nose when hiking in the woods or at Thanksgiving when they decorate the house. A quick deduction may lead to pine being an allergen and to advising the patient to take a different route when hiking.

      Oftentimes, it’s not so simple. We may need to conduct tests before we can diagnose the allergen and prescribe a solution.

      Let there be relief

      Food allergies can be a challenge to diagnose. Maybe only one ingredient or an additive is causing your problem. This is when we may need to do multiple blood tests, and you will have to be careful about what you eat until we find the problem. The usual solution is to remove the food from your diet, along with making a few lifestyle changes.

      Our doctors may prescribe medicines or skin ointments to help you get relief from the allergy. They will only do this when the case is severe, and there isn’t an option. The relief can almost be immediate, with many patients seeing positive results within a few days. Other symptoms take longer to tame. At Pure Medicine, we know that hay fever treatments take months to lessen your suffering, and you should be taking antihistamines weeks before pollen season.

      These adjustments to your life can make all the difference.

      Allergy relief tips

      Once we diagnose your allergy, you should take immediate action. Patients sometimes come back saying the relief is only temporary or that they are suffering as much as ever. We usually learn that the patient isn’t fully following the guidelines.

      When you have an allergy, you should:

      • Avoid what is causing the discomfort, even when symptoms disappear
      • Make lifestyle changes to avert what worsens your allergies
      • Keep taking medications as prescribed by your doctor
      • Adjust your diet accordingly

      If you can stick to the plan outlined by your Pure Medicine doctor, you will keep your allergy under control.

      Don’t suffer in silence

      If you think you have an allergy, don’t sit around and wait for the symptoms to disappear. Make an appointment to see our doctor to help you find relief. Often relief comes from a change in routine, but you may also need professional help to solve an allergy problem entirely.

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