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      What is an Internal Medicine Doctor?

      A internal medicine doctor is a physician who applies his or her knowledge and expertise to diagnosing and treating a wide range of health issues facing adults. These doctors provide several different services, from routine examinations to the treatment of complex illnesses.

      Internal Medicine Doctor Frisco TX

      How long does it take to become an internal medicine doctor?

      Intense, lengthy studied is required before someone can earn the label of internal medicine doctor. This includes seven (or more) years of medical school and post-graduate training, with a large portion of that devoted to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of several diseases that affect adults. Internists often serve as consultants, helping other physicians solve difficult diagnostic challenges.

      A Doctor for Life

      A internal medicine doctor is an expert in a broad spectrum of illnesses, including chronic diseases and much more. Internists do not limit themselves to one area of the body or one type of medical issue. They will typically care for a patient throughout his or her adult life, forming long, rewarding relationships.

      No matter how common or complex a health issue may be, an internist will have the training and knowledge needed to take care of it. These physicians are particularly well equipped to deal with complex diagnostic problems, such as a situation where a person may experience several different illnesses at the same time. In addition, they provide patients with preventative services to help them avoid diseases, and also regularly deal with issues such as substance abuse and mental health problems.

      Looking for Internal Medicine Clinic in Frisco, TX?

      If you would like to speak with a Frisco, TX internal medicine physician, contact Dr. Pastorek at Pure Medicine. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and help determine the correct course of treatment for any sort of health challenge you may be experiencing.

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