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      If you’re part of the more than 29 million people in the United States with diabetes, you should visit the Pure Medicine location in Frisco, Texas.

      Dr. Jordan Pastorek and of Pure Medicine offer diagnosis, management, and care for each stage of the disease. Even if you aren’t currently diagnosed, the staff at Pure Medicine helps you understand the warning signs to off a diabetic crisis.

      What’s diabetes?

      Your pancreas produces a hormone called insulin to control your blood sugar levels. When the pancreas can’t produce enough of this hormone or your body becomes resistant to insulin, you’re diagnosed with diabetes.

      Diabetes has 3 types:

      • Type 1 diabetes: Usually diagnosed in children or young adults, type 1 diabetes means your body doesn’t produce enough insulin. You need a doctor’s support for your daily insulin intake and blood sugar monitoring.
      • Type 2 diabetes: This form occurs over time as your body becomes resistant to the insulin your pancreas produces. Most often, the disease occurs in middle-aged or older people, but increasingly, children and young adults develop it due to high-sugar diets.
      • Gestational diabetes: Some women develop this form of diabetes when pregnant. Though it should be managed during pregnancy and often resolves itself once the baby is born, it increases your chances of developing type 2 diabetes in the future.

      When should I seek treatment?

      You should seek care from Pure Medicine if you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes of any type, as it’s a condition that must be managed with medical oversight. If you haven’t been diagnosed but have symptoms such as frequent urination, blurry vision, constant thirst, slow healing wounds, high blood pressure, excess belly fat, fatigue, and tingling in your extremities, make an appointment and ask Dr. Pastorek to evaluate your health.

      Why should I seek treatment?

      When untreated, diabetes results in other serious health issues, including heart disease, kidney disease, nerve damage, poor dental and eye health, stroke, and foot problems. Blindness, amputations, and emergency room visits also are very real side effects. In 2010, diabetes was listed as the 7th leading cause of death in the United States, according to the American Diabetes Association.

      What treatments are available?

      While diabetes cannot be cured, it can be managed so that you have a high quality of life. Pure Medicine works with you to develop a plan that helps control your blood sugar levels and healthy weight, two of the most important ways to keep the disease’s side effects at bay. The doctors also offer other customized treatments, depending on the type of diabetes and your personal history.

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