Why It Is so Important to Let Professionals Help Manage Your Back Pain

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Human beings are the only primates on Earth to spend most of their lives standing upright on two feet … and we suffer for it. Scientists still aren’t certain why it is that humans became bipedal. But they do know that our upright posture’s caused a lot of problems, including back pain.

Real people have curves

Rather than being straight up and down, your spinal column is curvy and S-shaped.  Normal, healthy spinal curves that look like a backward “C” (the lordotic curves) occur at the top of the cervical spine (neck) and at the lumbar spine (near the pelvis). The thoracic spine (middle of the spine) curves in the same direction as a frontward “C” (the kyphotic curve).

Though your curvy spine is strong and flexible, it’s also responsible for carrying the weight of your 9-pound-plus head and for twisting, turning, and bending throughout the day. Even normal daily activities can take their toll on your spine, but when you play sports, run, dance, or perform heavy labor, you increase your risk of injury.

Pain is a symptom, not a cause

You may be tempted to rely on over-the-counter medications to manage your pain, but unless you treat the underlying cause, you could be at risk for serious complications. Ignoring or masking pain without addressing the underlying cause can lead to:

By working with professionals like our specialists at Pure Medicine in Dallas and Frisco, Texas, you not only find out why you’re in pain, but learn how to manage or resolve the pain, as well as how to prevent further injuries.

What’s behind your back pain?

To help you heal, we first determine the underlying reasons for your discomfort.  Our doctors perform an in-depth physical examination and take a comprehensive medical history. They may also order tests such as:

Depending on the location of your pain and the type of symptoms you’re experiencing, your back pain could be caused by:

Torn or weakened muscles or tendons could also cause back pain. Lax abdominal muscles, for instance, may exaggerate the curves in your back, leading to conditions such as lordosis (sway back) and kyphosis (slouching or hunched back).

Treatment prevents complications

We custom-design a treatment plan based on the sources of your pain. Our doctors only recommend evidence-based therapies that are effective and safe, such as:

We also evaluate your posture over time and may recommend changes in the way you perform everyday tasks to prevent further injury. We may also advise you to make lifestyle changes, such as losing weight and quitting smoking, to improve your overall health.

If you have back pain, get relief by contacting the professionals at Pure Medicine. You can reach us by phone or by using our online form.

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