The Major Benefits of a Physician Supervised Weight-Loss Program

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You think you’re eating healthy food. You exercise at least a few times a week. And yet, every year you gain a few more pounds.

Trying to lose weight by yourself in a world filled with temptations, conflicting information, and limited time can be tough — especially since you may not even know why you packed on the pounds in the first place. Are you eating too much, not exercising enough, or is gaining weight just a natural part of growing older?

At Pure Medicine, Drs. Daniel Mijares and Jordan Pastorek help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight for life through physician-assisted weight loss. Unlike fad diets, physician-assisted weight loss is based on your individual metabolism, underlying medical issues, and current level of fitness.

You do not diet  

If you’ve tried traditional weight-loss diets, you’ve probably experienced for yourself that they don’t work, or if they do, they don’t work for long. You might be able to reach your goal weight, but over time, you gain it all back. You’re probably even heavier after your diet than you were before you started.

When you deprive yourself of calories as your sole approach to losing weight, your body feels the deficit and begins to respond as if it’s starving. So as soon as you’ve reached your goal weight and go back to eating normally, your body stores every ounce of fat it can to ward off another starvation period.

A physician-supervised weight-loss program doesn’t trigger your body’s starvation response. While you may consume fewer calories than normal, you eat foods that completely and thoroughly nourish your body so that it gets the nutrients and fuel it needs to function optimally.

It is all about you

Your physician-supervised weight loss begins with a thorough evaluation, including a physical examination, medical history, and full metabolic workup. Your Pure Medicine doctor orders blood work and other laboratory tests to find out if your thyroid is healthy, to learn if your hormones are balanced, and to identify any other issues that may be behind your weight gain.

Based on the results of your tests and physical, your physician custom-designs a weight-loss program that you can easily incorporate into your current lifestyle. Physician-supervised weight loss helps you lose excess pounds gradually while improving your overall health and fitness.

Your doctor may recommend:

Your team has your back

With physician-supported weight loss, you’re never alone. From your first consultation, you partner with your doctor to find the best way possible to lose weight and keep it off. Your doctor helps you come up with healthy, achievable goals so you never feel frustrated or hungry.

At Pure Medicine, physician-assisted weight loss includes monthly monitoring. You have a chance to talk to your doctor about how the program is working for you and discuss whatever challenges you face. Regular monitoring ensures that your underlying conditions are being addressed and that your prescription medications are helping you.

To get the Pure Medicine team on your weight-loss team, call us today or use the online booking form.

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