How Often Should I Schedule Breast Cancer Screening?

Official breast cancer statistics show about 12 percent of women in the United States will at some point in their live develop breast cancer. The good news is there are certain treatments and therapies that can help reduce the risk of the disease. While the diagnosis can be fearful, there are proactive steps women can take to combat breast cancer.

When to Start Screening

Doctors from the American Cancer Society (ACS) officially recommend women start screening for breast cancer around the age of 40. Women are recommended to continue annual screenings until they are 54. Women who are 55 and up are recommended to continue breast screenings every two years.

These recommendations come from the American Cancer Society physicians who are experts in breast cancer, breast cancer treatments and therapies, and screenings.

Early Screening and Treatment

The ACS also suggests early treatment can be a game changer. Cancer found earlier is more likely to be confined to one area (such as the breast), which in turn becomes easier to detect and thus treat. The earlier potential cancerous masses or lumps are found, the more range of treatment options are available. This means potentially less complicated surgeries and less time in the doctor’s office or hospital and more time for you to enjoy life.

Be Prepared for Your Screening

Before you have a screening for breast cancer, there are certain questions you will want to talk to your physician about. The Susan G. Komen Foundation recommends women have a better understanding of mammograms and what they will entail. Ask your doctor if there are any specific requirements for your breast cancer screening. Some doctors may recommend that you not wear certain deodorants and creams that may interfere with the screening process.

If it’s your first screening, you may also have plenty of questions on hand. First find a breast cancer screening physician that has a solid reputation, but more importantly, has a bedside manner that keeps you at ease.

With leading breast cancer screening technology, it has become easier to both detect and combat breast cancer. Be proactive when it comes to your breast health and contact Pure Medicine online.

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