10 Tips for Living With Arthritis

Arthritis is a catchall term for a number of problems that affect your joints, but the end result is often the same: pain, swelling, and stiffness. While there’s no cure for arthritis, our goal at Pure Medicine in Frisco and Dallas, Texas, is to help you manage and improve your symptoms -- giving you the freedom to enjoy life to its fullest.

To that end, we’ve gathered together 10 tips that will help you sidestep the impacts of arthritis and allow you to go about your daily routine with reduced pain and inconvenience.

1. Stretch it out

There’s little that a good stretching practice doesn’t help when it comes to your physical health, especially if you suffer from arthritis. Stretching increases your mobility by working on the muscles, tendons, and ligaments that surround your joints, and it also helps lubricate your joints.

You can start with a simple five-minute stretching routine in the morning, when your joints may be at their stiffest. Go gently at first as your body warms up, and avoid overstretching.

To truly reap the benefits of stretching, try a yoga class. Many yoga studios offer gentle stretching classes, and some even do away with the mat altogether and offer chair yoga.

2. Exercise for strength

Strength exercises that shore up your muscles go a long way toward taking the pressure off your beleaguered joints. For example, if you suffer from painful arthritis in your knees, work on the surrounding muscle groups, such as your quads and the smaller support muscles, to help maintain your joints’ stability.

3. Boost your arthritis-friendly foods

Clear out your junk food and make room for healthier foods that have plenty of antioxidants and nutrients that help with inflammation in your joints. Sip on green tea, which has both antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Foods that contain vitamin C and omega-3 fatty acids are especially good -- think fruits, veggies, and fish. And don’t forget the healthy fats that are found in nuts, avocados, and olive oil. To cap it all off, indulge in some dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa content, which is chock full of antioxidants.

4. Try a few home fixes

If your arthritis hinders simple tasks around the house, there are several steps you can take to ease your discomfort, such as:

These are only some ideas to get you started, but the point is to ease your home life rather than gritting your teeth through your pain.

5. Brace it

If a particular joint is giving you trouble, like your knee or wrist, simple over-the-counter braces offer much-needed support and help with stabilizing your joint.

6. Use hot and cold

If you’ve put more strain than usual on an arthritic joint, a little icing can help with the inflammation. You can also turn up the heat to fight arthritis pain by enjoying a long bath every once in a while for overall joint pain relief.

7. Find new hobbies

If arthritis has sidelined you from more active pursuits, fill in the gap with slower hobbies. Whether it’s working on your family tree or taking up crossword puzzles, the more you occupy your brain, the happier you’ll be. Use this time to revisit hobbies you enjoyed as a child, or ask your friends to recommend new avenues of interest.

8. Get a massage

Sometimes arthritis can take its toll on your physical and mental health, and there’s nothing better for your overall wellness than a good massage. A massage helps with tight muscles and encourages good circulation -- and it just feels great.

9. Lose weight

The goal for people with arthritis is to do away with anything that exacerbates the condition, and excess weight is one of the biggest offenders. Your joints are weakened, and calling upon them to carry extra weight only leads to more discomfort.

10. Work with your doctors

The medical research in the field of arthritis is ever growing, and at Pure Medicine, we stay on top of every development. We offer several therapies and treatments for those with arthritis that deliver excellent results.

If you suffer from arthritis, call Pure Medicine to find out about successful treatments and more joint management tips. Or, use the online booking tool to schedule an appointment with us.

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